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In May we were in Washington, DC, which is Dr. Seay’s old stomping grounds, for the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry’s Annual Scientific Session.  We try to attend each year as a team and it is a wonderful opportunity for learning from the world’s leading dentists, hygienists, assistants and others.  There is no other continuing education forum of this caliber.  At AACD, Dr. Seay gains 27 CE hours and each team member, 21 CE hours.  If you can tolerate a little bragging…the South Carolina CE requirement every two years for dentists is 28 hours and for hygienists is 14 hours.  Between AACD and the other CE courses we attend each year, we far exceed the annual requirement.  In fact, Dr. Seay has earned 293 CE hours in the last two years!  Aside from all of this learning, it is a wonderful time of fellowship and practice development for the team.  While there, we discuss what we learn each day and what “pearls of wisdom” we will implement once home, current and future goals for the practice and each team member and create an “Action List” so each of the tasks, goals and ideas are accounted for and realized once we get back at work.

In late June, Dr. Seay and Randi traveled to Plano, Texas to Dallas Dental Solutions for the Level 3 Photography and Presentation course given by Dr. Greg Lutke.  Dr. Lutke teaches advanced, hands-on courses to dentists from all over the world.  The course was geared toward treatment and lecture presentations in addition to using Photoshop to show patients what their finished dental treatment could potentially look like.  When there, Dr. Seay and Randi excitedly go to class at 7:30 AM, computers and cameras in tow.  Thirsty to learn as much as possible, they do not break for lunch and are usually kicked out at 6:30 PM after asking as many questions as they can think of!  The image below is a proposed smile design they put together for a patient considering veneers.  Sometimes it is hard for patients to picture what their restored smile could look like; imaging such as really helps them see the potential and make a decision regarding treatment.


All of this advanced continuing education translates to many things.  One being a higher level of dental care for our patients, something we are very proud of.  We strive to provide a standard of care in our office that is appreciably better than you have ever experienced.  Secondarily it has lead to Dr. Seay’s regular publication in no less than 9 dental industry journals.  This year alone she has written 9 published articles, one of which was used as a continuing education opportunity for other dentists.  She has begun giving lectures across the country at various dental organizations’ continuing education courses.  It is exciting for Dr. Seay to be asked to publish and lecture and she enjoys being able to contribute to the field of dentistry in this way.  Each of her articles is featured on our website and can be viewed by clicking here, Publications.




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