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Serving Mount Pleasant, South Carolina & surrounding areas

What is your role at Park West Dentistry?

I am lovingly referred to as the “boss Lady” but I am also the owner/dentist of PWD.  My role?  I am a restorative dentist with a focus on comprehensive patient care.  A patient’s dental needs may be anywhere from the fundamentals to the complex but the one thing I always strive to do is deliver high quality esthetic care.  Aside from teeth, I  have wonderful patients/families whom I have been blessed to know and care for over the years.  They are like old friends who I am happy to see whenever they come through my door.  I guess you can call me the leader of a team of 5 amazing ladies and 1 super dude as well.   My day-to-day is a mix of direct patient care and indirect patient care (such as treatment planning, specialists correspondance, lab communication) with some business owner duties squeezed in between.

Tell us about your family, pets included.

I am married to my wonderful husband David and 4 adorable kids Emma, Evan, Hayden and Stella.  I have been adamant about not having a pet until 2 months ago when my weak mom moment relented and now I am the proud new mother of Coco Seay (the world’s cutest teacup Pomeranian….please use the hashtag #cocoseay).

Where are you from?

My family originally is from Vietnam.  I was born in Virginia Beach, VA but I have lived in California, New Jersey, New York, Maryland and South Carolina.  I consider myself from Maryland though as I spent my middle school and high school years there.

What job could you never do?

I could never be farmer.  I know that sounds ridiculous and random but I am not the kind of girl that likes to get dirty from outdoor activities.  Exercising outside, going to the beach and soaking up salt and sun is about as dirty as I can tolerate.

What is your other dream job, besides your job at Park West Dentistry?

My other dream job?  I would love to teach dentistry more and improve the standard of care across the country.  Tall order I know but it’s not about improving things 100% overnight but  rather  changing things 1% each day.  Education is a powerful thing.  One of my favorite quotes is from Aristotle “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all”.  That’s it in a nutshell.

What was your favorite concert?

I am embarrassed to say….no I am not actually…it’s NSYNC!  Yes, that’s right the boy band with the flyest dance moves and rhythm you have ever seen.  Justin, who is aka as “JT” these days was my favorite.  I know how to pick them.  I was in dental school when I attended the concert.  I was the oldest person there who did not have a child with them.

What’s your favorite date night restaurant?

Hands-down FIG is my fave restaurant.  Fresh, farm to the table food, is always divine.  EVEYTHING on the menu is good!

Tell us something true about yourself that no one would expect.

Oh boy.  I always hesitate to tell people this because everyone automatically pictures something totally different than what it truly was.  I was a two-time all-american cheerleader for NCA (national cheerleading association) and later was invited to become an instructor for them which I did for 2 years.  I LOVED cheerleading.  It was like totally awesome (spirit fingers).



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