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A few words of thanks to our patients and partners.

My name is David Seay.  For those of you that might not know me, I am Dr. Seay’s husband of 13 years (as of today) and the behind the scenes Business Manager of Park West Dentistry.  August 9th has marked our 10th year of business and I respectfully ask for just a few minutes of your time to share a few thoughts of reflection on our journey.

First and foremost, Dr. Seay, our dental team and I want to genuinely express our gratitude for your business, support and referrals for the past ten years.  We know that you are the most important part of what we do on a daily basis.  Thank you so very much!  Ever since the day we opened, Park West Dentistry has focused on patient relationships and providing exceptional dental care on all levels.  If you haven’t taken a moment to read our “Value Statement” that is hung in our reception area, then I have attached it at the end of this message for you, because we not only created the Value Statement as a team, but we have also spent countless hours training and ensuring we have honored our promise to you to give you our very best.

This message today is really about the inside scoop of what it means to see the dedication and commitment of the dental team Amanda and I are so proud to work with. The ladies (aka “Elite Team”) are truly committed to patient care and striving for excellence.  They go above and beyond and genuinely want the very best experience and treatment to be delivered at Park West Dentistry. We have had the good fortune to build a family at Park West Dentistry and support one another. There have been times of growth and times to celebrate and even times of pain when life was just, well… life, but there have always been growth opportunities and we know that it has benefited our practice and patients.

I have also loved watching Amanda grow as a doctor, a mother, a speaker/teacher and a leader.  It seems like a long time ago that she had our first child and we opened 6 weeks later while I was painting walls and Robin Schrecker was answering phones with contractors finishing construction.  Amanda’s professional path of growth has been impressive and she has inspired me and many others around her.  What I am most impressed with is that all of her getting up early, staying up late, juggling being a mom and a top-tier dentist has been focused on giving her patients the very best she has to offer.  If there is a better diagnosis, she wants to give it.  If there a better alternative, she wants to find it.  If there is a better material, lab or specialist referral, she wants to know about it.  Her pursuit of excellence has been infectious inside Park West Dentistry and all team members want to do it better.

Never did I think that the dental industry could be such a fulfilling experience.  We feel it is healthcare at its best, especially in a healthcare environment that is finally adopting prevention across disciplines when dentistry has advocated this position for decades. Please know we value your feedback and we appreciate you more than you can imagine. We are thrilled to have Dr. Preston Hamrick with us to expand the Park West Dentistry Experience to even more patients in our wonderful community.  From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank you for your support of Amanda and Park West Dentistry. Your support has been tremendous and greatly appreciated.


David H Seay


We truly care about your well-being as an individual and as a patient.  With this in mind, we have built and developed an elite team that is passionate about listening, educating, diagnosing and treating your dental needs and desires.

We have designed this practice to transform the average visit to the dentist into a positive and complete dental experience set in a relaxing and comfortable environment.  We deliver a higher standard of technologically enhanced and clinically advanced patient care encompassed by exceptional customer service on all levels.

It is our unique environment, refreshing perspective and genuine concern that enables us to partner with patients who are committed to a path of wellness and value a lifetime of healthy and beautiful smiles.

Thank you for choosing Park West Dentistry.  We value the trust you have placed in us.


Commemorating 10 years!


Our Park West Dentistry family has grown to include husbands, children and now Dr. Hamrick and his family. These women form the core of our Park West Dentistry family. They are the glue.

Have you ever wondered?

The Story of Dr. Amanda Seay



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